Promotive Black

Promotive Black 602 102 068

Older vehicles and those with lower energy requirements, including bulldozers, minibuses and small tractors, still need great performance you can depend on. Thanks to their tried-and-tested hybrid technology, Promotive Black batteries provide outstanding power reserves. And under normal working conditions, they’re completely maintenance-free for lower costs all round.

Promotive Black Key Benefits

  • Designed for vehicles with less-complex power demands
  • Standard OE technology and low water consumption enables entry level to reduce TCO
  • Meets EN requirements (EN 2) standard and vibration resistance (V1)
  • Minimal self-discharge thanks to hybrid technology to provide up to 12 months of shelf life

Why VARTA® Promotive Black Batteries?

Powered by Johnson Controls Power Solutions, VARTA® Promotive Black batteries are trusted by customers globally. VARTA® Promotive Black batteries provide longer life, less corrosion and lower cost of ownership. Take your vehicle to a workshop which works with VARTA® in order to experience excellent replacement service.

Promotive Black 602 102 068 Specs

602 102 068
102 Ah
680 A
172 mm
330 mm
240 mm
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