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Swift, agile, reliable and cost-effective - the same qualities you're looking for in a scooter are matched by our batteries for scooters. Plus, there's the extra power you need for the indicators, headlights and brake lights.

VARTA® Powersports Freshpack batteries have a reliable starting power in hot and cold weather and a robust construction to withstand vibration.

Powersports Freshpack

With lead-acid battery technology in our Powersports Freshpack batteries, you'll get reliable starting power from the very first rev. Even when you put the battery through its paces in the most demanding conditions, it continues to deliver exceptional power. Learn more about Powersports Freshpack batteries

VARTA® Powersports AGM batteries are maintenance-free and don’t need any topping up. They’re dry-charged batteries with an acid pack.

Powersports AGM

Our Powersports AGM batteries are designed with extreme conditions in mind. With advanced AGM technology, this sophisticated product provides maximum power over a long life and is completely maintenance-free.Learn more about Powersports AGM batteries

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