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Today’s yachts have an increasingly high number of security and comfort features to make life on the open sea as safe and pleasant as possible. All this technology makes operating the vessel easier and safer, but the advantages also call for more robust and reliable batteries to handle the rise in power consumption.

VARTA® Professional Dual Purpose batteries are minimal self-discharging, which make them ideal for seasonal use for motorhomes, caravans and boats.

Professional Dual Purpose EFB

Boats and motorhomes with moderate energy demands still need the right product to perform at their best. That’s why we’ve developed the next evolution of the Dual-Purpose range, based on EFB technology enabeling a higher cycle life and a higher robustness against partial state of charge usage. This is suitable to supply power for short trips, like an off-grid weekend with medium equipment, like lighting and phone chargers.

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VARTA® Professional Dual Purpose AGM batteries can be used to start the engine and deliver service power for accessories and electronics.

Professional Dual Purpose AGM

The Dual Purpose AGM provides a high cycling stability and a high resistance to low state of charge. This allows the battery to support long off-grid stays and provides high energy for on-board consumers such as lighting and water, but also for more demanding comfort functions such as TV screens, coffee makers and laptops.

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VARTA® Professional Starter batteries are ideal for the cranking purpose of small boats with inboard and outboard engines.

Professional Starter

Professional Starter is purpose-made for all marine starter applications, it can also service minimal electrical system requirements, such as inflatable boats and smaller rigged-hull boats. With a high energy output, it delivers outstanding performance, time after time, with no maintenance required.

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