Sailboats make for great leisure time. To make this possible, Sailboats and Yachts usually contain essential equipment and often luxury functions and equipment. Whatever you prefer – the right battery ensures that you can relax and enjoy the trip.

VARTA® Professional Dual Purpose AGM batteries can be used to start the engine and deliver service power for accessories and electronics.

Professional Dual Purpose AGM

The Dual Purpose AGM provides a high cycling stability and a high resistance to low state of charge. This allows the battery to support long off-grid stays and provides high energy for on-board consumers such as lighting and water, but also for more demanding comfort functions such as TV screens, coffee makers and laptops.

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VARTA® Professional Deep Cycle AGM batteries are ideal for high-performance electric boats, yachts and motorhomes because of shock resistance.

Professional Deep Cycle AGM

Especially developed for the latest electric boats, yachts and motorhomes, this high performance product uses our Absorbent Glass Mat technology, providing huge energy reserves to power multiple electrical devices throughout its long life. With minimal self-discharge, it’s perfect for seasonal use and completely maintenance-free

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