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For buses on scheduled routes, punctuality is key. So it's important to have a bus battery that's 100% reliable and built to handle the high levels of cyclic strain that comes with frequent stopping. In addition to avoiding downtime, which can mean fewer passenger complaints and greater income, our bus batteries also provide dependable power for onboard devices, including digital displays and air conditioning.

The VARTA® ProMotive EFB is designed for high-energy commercial vehicles and is the right choice for vehicles with standard electric demands.

Promotive EFB

The unique VARTA® Promotive EFB is the most effective battery ever for high energy demanding commercial vehicles. Unmatched performance merges with the highest vibration resistance to provide absolute reliability and a longer life. Learn more about Promotive EFB batteries

VARTA® Promotive Silver batteries are made for high-performance commercial vehicles.

Promotive Silver

Enjoy excellent performance every day, avoiding costly downtime. VARTA® Promotive Silver is the perfect choice for well equipped commercial vehicles. This advanced, zero-maintenance product delivers high cyclic stability and long service life via our Super Heavy Duty (SHD) technology. The result? Significant savings for your business. Learn more about Promotive Silver batteries

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