Batteries for Cars with Electrical Engines

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The role of lead acid batteries in electric vehicles

Have you ever wondered what happens when the drive battery in a modern electric or hybrid electric vehicle stops working? Take a closer look and you will find your answer. Alongside the high voltage lithium-ion traction battery you will find a second one: A 12 Volt battery acting as a second power source to ensure the uninterrupted function of comfort features and critical safety systems. Therefore, the 12V battery is the key component of the vehicles energy system.

Equipped for the future – xEV Ready

A strong and reliable 12V power source is more important than ever. To match the new challenges of 12V-Batteries in electric vehicles VARTA provides an AGM which still fits all needs of advanced start-stop systems, but all needs of electric cars as well. We worked side by side with OE manufacturers during the development of electric vehicles. The outcome of these strong cooperations is that 6 of the top 10 electric vehicle producers utilize VARTA 12V batteries in 2022.

Batteries for Cars with Electrical Engines

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