Lawn Mower Batteries from VARTA®

Man sitting on a red ride-on mower cutting the green grass

VARTA® Powersports Gardening batteries – especially designed for ride-on lawn mowers.

VARTA® Powersports Battery for Lawn Mowers

VARTA® provides a battery that is perfectly made for lawn mowers: Powersports Gardening. It is specially designed for ride-on lawn mowers with a very high cranking performance. This battery is a maintence-free flooded battery which doesn’t need a topping up.

Technology of Our Lawn Mower Battery

The Powersports Gardening battery is of high quality and specifically designed for gardening machinery. Its calcium-calcium technology has a low discharge rate and reduces the risk of grid corrosion which means it has a longer life.

Maintenance-free Lawn Mower Battery

Our Powersports Gardening battery is maintenance-free and doesn’t need a topping up.

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