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You are an enthusiastic sailor? You want to fully enjoy sailing on your yacht or boat? Then you need to ensure constant power so that your boat trip becomes a pleasure. VARTA® provides different kinds of batteries for motorboats, sailing yachts, motor yachts and electric boats. The absorbent glass mat lead-acid technology, which has great shock and vibration resistance, is perfectly made for high-performance boats. You may fully rely on our batteries when it comes to essentials like navigation systems, interior lighting and fridges but also for little luxuries such as satellite TV, microwaves and dishwashers. Because when all of these devices are connected at the same time, the battery has to deliver exceptional performance.

VARTA® Batteries for Boats

VARTA® offers a wide range of boat batteries: Professional Dual Purpose AGM, Professional Dual Purpose and Professional Starter. Each one of them has its own advantages for different types of boats. Professional Dual Purpose AGM batteries are for leisure applications with moderate energy demands. They can be used to start the engine or for accessories and electronics onboard. Professional Dual Purpose are developed for lower-spec boats and are long-lasting and maintenance-free. The Professional Starter batteries are made for all marine starter applications and don’t need any maintenance.

Technology for Boat Batteries

When you like to spend your spare time on the high seas, you definitely need VARTA® Professional batteries; they have a higher cyclic durability as they have a longer service life. Before fitment, you should be sure that your battery is fully charged in order to ensure a long service life (our recommended charging current is about 10% of the indicated capacity in amperes). Also, it is important to consider the battery will go long periods without use (which might often be the case for boat batteries). A battery with minimal discharge is useful to retain its power.

VARTA® Boat Batteries are Maintenance-Free

Our VARTA® Professional batteries for boats are maintenance-free, since we can’t risk you suddenly losing power to vital communication links or navigational instruments on the open water.

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