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VARTA® Brand History (2000-2009)

Today’s VARTA® batteries have been providing advanced technology, powerful performance and exceptional service around the world for over 100 years.

2000: Our Dedicated Centre of Innovation Opens

VARTA® unveils a new technology centre for automotive battery development in Hanover, bringing together some of the most proficient designers and engineers in the business.

2002: Johnson Controls Invests for the Future

In November 2002, global market leader Johnson Controls, Inc., acquires the VARTA® automotive battery division giving, this business unit a solid foundation for future growth. To learn more about Johnson Controls, go to

2003: New AGM Technology Is Quickly Taken Up by OE Manufacturers

VARTA® batteries are the first-ever AGM (Advanced Glass Mat technology) batteries for OE manufacturers of luxury vehicles. AGM is spillproof and requires no maintenance.

2003: A New Level of Performance for Commercial Vehicles

Silver technology for truck batteries is launched to instant acclaim. VARTA® Promotive Silver is the perfect energy source for high-performance commercial vehicles, from premium coaches to the latest trucks. This maintenance-free product delivers a longer service life and exceptional performance.

2006: The VARTA® Dynamic Trio Launches

Johnson Controls launches the class-leading VARTA® dynamic trio automotive standard flooded lead-acid battery range. Silver, Blue and Black options ensure cars at any lifecycle stage are provided for.

2007: Innovative Start-Stop Batteries Make an Impact

Our new start-stop batteries rapidly gain the trust of manufacturers such as BMW and Mini. And it’s not long before the VARTA® brand is the leading supplier of batteries for start-stop, hybrid and electric vehicles.

2008: The Unique PowerFrame® Technology Is Introduced

This patented, next-generation grid technology is one of Johnson Controls’ finest achievements. It delivers optimum energy flow, unparalleled performance and uncompromising reliability, no matter what the battery application.

2009: Three Big Awards in 1 Year

Positive feedback for VARTA® batteries: Johnson Controls is proud winner of the "Best Sales Marketing & After Sales Support Award 2009" by the international buying group TEMOT International. In addition, Johnson Controls was awarded the "Truck Supplier Award 2009" by VOLVO and also the "Supplier of the Year Award 2009" by General Motors EMEA.

2009: The Tried-And-Trusted Choice of Leading Start-Stop Vehicle Manufacturers

By the start of the year, over 80% of start-stop vehicles are already fitted with VARTA® batteries.

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