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VARTA® Brand History (1910-1939)

Today’s VARTA® batteries have been providing advanced technology, powerful performance and exceptional service around the world for over 100 years.

1914: VARTA® Leads the Way

VARTA® lead-acid batteries become an increasingly popular choice for quick, reliable automotive starting.

1923: Our First Chairman of the Board

Dr. Günther Quandt becomes Chairman of the Board of the VARTA® predecessor, AFA. Ever since, he and his successors have been responsible for the company’s continued international expansion.

1926: The Range Grows and so Does Our Success

VARTA® precursor AFA takes over the Pertrix Chemische Fabrik AG, developers of the first storable dry-cell battery. Ever since, VARTA®’s battery range has been the most comprehensive on the market.

1934: More than 3 Million Cars Drive Battery Demand

As the number of cars on the world’s roads exceeds 3 million, fuelling increased demand for reliable, powerful starting batteries, VARTA® continues to pull ahead in the market.

1935: Factory-Fitted in the First-Ever Forklift

The precursor of the modern forklift truck, “the electric vehicle with lift pole” is launched. From day one they’re factory-fitted with VARTA® batteries.

1936: Standardisation Makes Buying VARTA® Batteries Simpler

VARTA® offers the first standard-sized starter batteries that fit in every single car, making replacement quick, easy and cost-effective.

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