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VARTA® Brand History (1887-1909)

Today’s VARTA® batteries have been providing advanced technology, powerful performance and exceptional service around the world for over 100 years.

1887: Adolf Müller Sets VARTA® on the Road to Success

In the 1880s the spirit of invention is all around as numerous technology firsts, including the internal combustion engine, X-ray and electric light, transform everyday life. In another first, founder Adolf Müller launches the company Büsche & Müller in Hagen, Germany, paving the way for VARTA®'s future.

1890: AEG & Siemens Invest

As AEG and Siemens work to produce accumulators, a key component in batteries, they decide to invest in the VARTA® predecessor, Büsche & Müller. The result is called Accumulatorenfabrik AG (or AFA for short).

1893: VARTA® Batteries Power the First Electric Cars in Germany

The Baker “Runabout”, the first vehicle bought and driven by Thomas Edison, becomes the first American electric car to be introduced to Germany by Adolf Müller. Fittingly, it’s powered by batteries from VARTA® predecessor AFA.

1904: The VARTA® Name is Born

AFA subbrand VARTA® is established, initially to manufacture small, portable lead accumulators used for engine ignition, making hand-cranking a thing of the past. The name VARTA® is an acronym for Vertrieb, Aufladung, Reparatur Transportabler Akkumulatoren, which stands for Distribution, Recharging and Repair of Portable Accumulators.

1905: Night Driving Becomes Safer

As drivers increasingly venture out on the roads after dark, VARTA® delivers the first-ever batteries for automotive lighting.

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