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VARTA® Brand History (1980-1999)

Today’s VARTA® batteries have been providing advanced technology, powerful performance and exceptional service around the world for over 100 years.

1983: Maintenance-Free Heavy-Duty Batteries for Reduced TCO

VARTA® launches maintenance-free heavy-duty batteries with calcium grid alloy.

1986: From Minimal Maintenance to None Whatsoever

VARTA® launches the world’s first totally maintenance-free LF (liquifix) starter batteries with bound electrolyte technology.

1987: VARTA® Gets on the Grid with Grand Prix Batteries

Maintenance-free VARTA® Grand Prix batteries with improved cold cranking performance due to new grid and separator technology.

1993: Delivering Ten Times the Standard Vibration Resistance

Our Super Heavy Duty truck batteries with an innovative glass mat layer are launched. They’re the perfect solution for construction vehicles, providing improved cycle life and starting performance, plus unshakeable resistance to vibration.

1995: The Ultimate Battery for High-Performance Cars

Silver technology for car batteries launches across Europe and is quickly taken up by leading manufacturers. Now, our Silver dynamic battery is the ideal match for high-performance, highly equipped vehicles, providing a longer service life, and maintenance-free unrivalled performance.

1998: Streamlining Our Operations

For greater efficiency, all the portable battery divisions in VARTA® are merged into one. The new subsidiary is named VARTA® Gerätebatterie GmbH. As a result, innovation is delivered to consumers faster than ever.

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