VARTA® ProMotive Batteries for Heavy Commercials

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Nowadays, commercial vehicles are no longer simple trucks that drive from A to B and are used as pure transport or work vehicles. Increasingly stringent environmental protection and safety regulations are drastically changing the market. This gives the truck battery a whole new role: it needs to provide a reliable starting power, but also has to supply power to extensive electronic equipment. In addition to parking cooler/heater, trucks nowadays have a large number of electrical consumers, which upgrade driving and overnights in the truck cabin to a whole new level of comfort. With the unsurpassed VARTA® batteries for commercial vehicles, you are well-prepared for the demands of the changed market.

A red and white truck driving on the highway

Truck Batteries

VARTA® ProMotive batteries provide the leading technology for long-distance utility vehicles. They do much more than just start the engine and supply, for example, the parking cooler/heater in the driver's cab with electricity. VARTA® ProMotive AGM batteries are ideal for end of frame installation (EURO 5/6) and have been specially developed for modern trucks with extensive equipment.

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White delivery vehicle standing in front of a building to get loaded

Delivery Vehicle Batteries

Delivery vehicle batteries need to supply maximum power for vehicle loading and unloading, even if the vehicle drives in urban traffic and the engine is frequently turned off. That's because the highest reserves in our delivery vehicle batteries ensure equipment such as loading cranes continually perform at their best.

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Blue tractor with a trailer standing on a field

Agriculture Vehicle Batteries

If you want to reap the fruits of your labors, you need more than just the right weather. You also need vehicles ready to earn their keep, even after seasonal periods of disuse. Designed for purpose, VARTA® agriculture batteries have excellent starting performance and all the reserves you’ll need to power in-cab devices such as air conditioning. And as our products are maintenance-free, you’ll reduce your total cost of ownership too, season after season.

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Construction vehicle driving down the road with a blue and sunny sky

Construction Vehicle Batteries

Construction vehicles need to work at their best in the most difficult conditions, the most unusual environments and the harshest weather. So they need a battery with maximum starting power combined with extreme vibration resistance and spill protection, even off-road. With VARTA® construction vehicle batteries, you’ll avoid costly periods of disuse and keep your business forging ahead.

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White coach driving in the sunset on a country road

Coach Batteries

When it comes to running a fleet of coaches, reliability is crucial, especially for rapid intercity services. Our coach batteries have exceptional power, even in the harshest weather, so you can guarantee passengers will get from A to B on time. Plus, our maintenance-free products will reduce time lost to servicing and lower your overall costs. They’ll keep your business competitive in other ways too, with extra energy for premium technology like onboard catering and entertainment.

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White bus driving on a bridge with blue and white metal arches

Bus Batteries

For buses on scheduled routes, punctuality is the key. So it's important to have bus batteries that are 100% reliable and built to handle the high levels of cyclic strain that comes with frequent stopping. In addition to avoiding downtime, which can mean fewer passenger complaints and greater income, our bus batteries also provide dependable power for onboard devices, including digital displays and air conditioning.

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White and green municipal vehicle from the back

Municipal Vehicle Batteries

Public-sector vehicles need to be highly cost-efficient and always ready for work. So our municipal vehicle batteries have been specifically engineered to be ultrareliable, start after start. And the longer they last, the more money you'll save overall.

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Fire trucks standing in a row. Blue and cloudy sky above them.

Fire Engine Batteries

When you’re running a service as vital as a fire brigade, your vehicles need to be ready at a moment’s notice, and that readiness largely depends onyour fire engine batteries. VARTA® is a proven and reliable power source for such highly equipped and specialized vehicles. They’ll always keep your fire engine batteries fully powered up and provide extra energy for winches, hoses, two-way radios and other essential equipment.

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