A dedication to safeguarding the environment

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Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions, is an active leader in sustainable practices and initiatives that have a broader impact on the world. Our environmental stewardship, which is evidenced by our waste reduction and other responsible manufacturing practices, has been an important part of our corporate responsibilities since day one. Today, that commitment is at the heart of our ecosteps® program, which promotes proper disposal and recycling of used lead-acid batteries.

We are committed to continually minimising our environmental impact by improving the performance of our facilities, promoting sustainability within the supply chain, and using natural resources and commodities responsibly.

A sustainable business for generations to come

At Clarios, we constantly strive to ensure environmental responsibility, and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. With facilities that employ world-class technology and best practices globally, our manufacturing and recycling efforts have set industry benchmarks for health, safety and environmental performance.

Our dedication to sustainability is evidenced by our innovations in the advanced battery industry for hybrid and electric vehicles. We also provide the aftermarket with the latest technological developments, helping our customers save energy, reduce pollution and fuel consumption, and recycle more.

Leading the way in lead-acid battery recycling

Innovative and technologically advanced manufacturing processes mean the lead in every VARTA® automotive battery is up to 99% recycled. So every time you buy one of our products, you can be sure you’re helping to preserve a valuable resource, while benefitting from the efficiencies recycling brings.

Clarios is proud to have helped develop the closed-loop recycling system, one of the best recycling success stories in the world. And thanks to the invaluable contribution made by our customers, we've helped make lead-acid automotive batteries the most-recycled consumer product in the United States, with collection rates exceeding 97%.

The most advanced recycling centre in Europe was opened by Clarios in 1905 in Krautscheid, Germany, and is now undergoing improvements to become even more efficient.

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ecosteps®: the responsible, sustainable way to recycle batteries

Our efficient ecosteps® recycling program is the latest logical step in our commitment to conserve natural resources and help protect the environment. ecosteps® is designed to properly dispose of and recycle used vehicle batteries, leaving you safe in the knowledge that all the lead removed from your battery is reused and all legal requirements have been met.

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