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How to find the right battery for your car

To choose the right battery for your car, find out first, whether your car is equipped with a start-stop system or not. If you are unsure, check your car manual or talk to your mechanic to determine the original equipment manufacturer´s recommendations. If you want to learn more, click here.

Das Armaturenbrett eines Autos mit der Uhr auf der linken Seite, dem Tachometer auf der rechten Seite und einem Start-Stopp-Symbol in der Mitte

Batteries for cars with start-stop technology

Start-stop technology helps to conserve fuel by automatically switching off the engine every time your car comes to a stop. However, cars with start-stop capabilities put a greater demand on the car battery. That’s why VARTA® offers car batteries that are specifically designed for start-stop vehicles – such as Silver Dynamic AGM and Blue Dynamic EFB.

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Batteries for conventional or older cars

Flooded Lead Acid batteries are the most commonly found lead acid battery type and are widely used in the automotive industry. VARTA® Automotive batteries are trusted by customers globally and will meet your needs.

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Classic Car

Batteries for classic cars

With more than 130 years of experience providing batteries for cars, VARTA has always been the choice for reliability and unparalleled value. As a classic car enthusiast you want to give your vintage car what it deserves: an original VARTA Classic battery – just like in the good old days! The battery is handmade in the original design, but with the innovative technology of today.

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