2010: 125 Years of Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls celebrates 125 years at the forefront of battery technology.

2010: Enhancements to the VARTA® Start-Stop Battery Range

The innovation at Johnsons Controls continues with the development of the optimised VARTA® start-stop Plus battery featuring AGM technology for advanced start-stop vehicles and the VARTA® start-stop battery featuring EFB technology for entry-level vehicles.

2010: Recycling Program ecosteps® Is Launched

The ecosteps® initiative is introduced to facilitate the professional and eco-friendly recycling of vehicle batteries for improved sustainability.

2010: Three Big Awards in 1 Year

Positive feedback for VARTA® batteries: Johnson Controls is proud winner of the "Volkswagen Innovation Award" and "Volkswagen Group Award for Sustainable Energy Storage System". In addition, Johnson Controls was awarded the “Supplier of the Year Award 2010” by General Motors EMEA.

2011: VARTA® Start-Stop Service Programme

The VARTA® start-stop service programme [VSSP] is launched, providing independent workshops with extra technical support and tools to facilitate changes in start-stop vehicles and enhance their business and customer support.

2011: Edison Best New Product Award 2011

The VARTA® start-stop battery range is named the winner in the Edison Best New Product Award within the "Energy and Sustainability: Sustainable Power Systems Segment"

2011: Increased European Production

With the increased demands placed through the start-stop battery range, Johnson Controls expands production capacity across Europe to meet expectations.

2012: MAN Truck and Bus Supplier Award 2011

Johnson Controls is honoured with the MAN Truck and Bus Supplier Award 2011. International Buying Group TEMOT International awarded us with “Innovation Award” for our quality AGM technology.

2013: Johnson Controls Relaunches its VARTA® Brand – It All Starts With VARTA®

Johnson Controls relaunches its VARTA® brand with a new logo, brand-new battery labels, a refined product lineup, a brand-new website, catalogues and support material.

2014: Johnson Controls Includes AGM and EFB in its Powerful Dynamic Trio

In 2014, Johnson Controls added VARTA® Silver dynamic AGM and Blue dynamic EFB to the tried-and-tested dynamic trio. AGM and EFB batteries offer unmatched performance and unrivaled endurance for high-performance vehicles and start-stop applications.

2016: Maintenance-Free Batteries for Asian and European Applications

In 2016 Johnson Controls invents batteries that are maintenance-free and specially designed to withstand extreme climate requirements. They’re stronger, more durable and keep the customers going. Plus, the manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly, using 20% less energy and emitting 20% fewer greenhouse gases.

2019: Clarios

Johnson Controls Power Solutions separates from Johnson Controls International, LLC. to become its own entity, Clarios.

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