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Battery Off-Season Care and Storage

Because of the high purity lead grid in the VARTA® battery, it has a self-discharge rate much lower than conventional flat-plate batteries. This means the VARTA® battery can sit for longer periods, retaining enough charge to start your vehicle when stored and maintained properly.

Before storing your vehicle, check the battery voltage. If the voltage is below 12.5V, charge your battery and follow a maintenance schedule that includes charging a minimum of once every three months. Keep fully charged battery stored in a dry, cool area away from rain, sunlight, furnace or heat source.

Battery Maintenance

The VARTA® battery is truly maintenance-free. When it's charged properly, you won't have to worry about corrosion or shortened battery life. Inspect your battery terminal connections every now and then to ensure they are clean, snug and protected from the elements.

Tips for Battery Maintenance

  • Batteries will lose power in storage, and may need to be recharged every three months.
  • The charge voltage should not exceed 15.0V during usage.
  • The battery should be fully charged after a discharge.It should not be kept under the discharging situation.
  • The battery connector contact points should be kept clean to avoid a short circuit.The battery should be kept away from fire.
  • Never lean over battery when testing or charging.

Exercise caution when working with metallic tools or conductors to prevent short circuits and sparks.