VARTA® Batteries for Passenger Cars

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Whether you’re a first-time car owner looking for the best in standard batteries, or you’re looking for a safe, long-lasting battery for your family vehicle, or you just want the most premium power possible, one of our VARTA® batteries for passenger cars will meet your needs.

VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM — the start-stop benchmark for unparalleled performance.

Silver Dynamic AGM

By choosing VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM with the most advanced AGM technology, you will get an outstanding battery that is capable of powering the most demanding vehicles and accessories, as it offers three times the level of endurance of conventional batteries. The addition of PowerFrame® grid technology provides high starting power. This battery is state of the art when it comes to typical stop-and-go traffic. Learn more about Silver Dynamic AGM batteries

VARTA® Silver Dynamic – best-in-class performance for highest power needs.

Silver Dynamic

For extra power and premium performance, VARTA® Silver Dynamic offers supreme starting power with PowerFrame® grid technology to meet the toughest energy demands without compromise for non-start-stop cars. Learn more about Silver Dynamic batteries

VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB — the start-stop entry-level product for superior performance needs.

Blue Dynamic EFB

The VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB range is suited for highly equipped cars. These batteries contain PowerFrame® grid technology for high starting power and EFB technology for twice the endurance of conventional batteries. We recommend that you upgrade to an AGM battery. Learn more about Blue Dynamic EFB batteries

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