125 years of history in your car

The VARTA® brand has a history going back more than 125 years. VARTA® batteries are factory-fitted by major carmakers and trusted by drivers globally.

You’ll find a VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM in 80% of newly manufactured AGM fitted start-stop cars in Europe, underlining VARTA®’s leadership as the trusted supplier for the vast majority of car manufacturers.

But success didn’t come overnight. Starting in 2002 on a broad scale, we have put in place more than 100 process and product parameters and variables which are being inspected and monitored during the production of the AGM batteries. This has made us the No. 1 supplier for the automotive industry.

  • 3x the cycle life compared to conventional batteries
  • For vehicles with the highest energy demands due to tougher driving schedules, cold winters, hot summers or multiple accessories & equipment
  • Engineered to the highest European standards.




Battery Care Advice from VARTA®

Here are some VARTA® battery care advice to help if your vehicle has not been used for an extended period. It is recommended to have your battery tested at a professional automotive workshop.

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