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STEP THREE: How to install a new battery

Read the Safety & Handling Information

When placed in the vehicle, the battery should rest level in the tray. Be sure there are no foreign objects lying in the tray that may cause damage to the bottom of the battery container.

The hold-down should be tightened until it is snug. It should not be tightened to the point that it will distort or crack the battery cover or case. Use torque values specified in the vehicle owner's manual. If they are not available, the following torque values may be used:

  • Top bar or top frame hold-down: 30-50 inch-pounds
  • Bottom recess-type hold-down: 60-80 inch-pounds
  • Bottom ledge-type hold-down: 70-90 inch-pounds
  • The grounded cable should be connected to the battery last.

Check for proper battery polarity with respect to the vehicle specifications. Ground polarity is usually indicated. Reversed polarity may cause serious damage to the vehicle's electrical system. Note that the positive tapered post is larger than the negative post.