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What causes battery failure?

Battery Application and Installation

  • The battery is not being used in the application for which it was designed
  • The battery is not sized properly for the application
  • The vehicle has excessive electrical accessories
  • The battery is not properly fitted into the vehicle
  • The battery cables are not clean
  • The battery cables have not been properly adjusted to fit the battery terminals

Battery Service and Maintenance

  • The vehicle’s electrical system has been repaired or altered
  • The vehicle has been stationary for a long period of time
  • The vehicle has been brought in from or driven in another part of the country for a long period of time

Visual Inspection of Battery

  • Terminals show signs of having been hammered, twisted or driven down into the cover
  • Side terminals show signs of over-torquing
  • Container or cover show signs of stress, damage or high temperature.
  • Ends of the battery are pushed out indicating plate growth