Silver Dynamic Auxiliary

Silver Dynamic Auxiliary AGM 513 106 020

VARTA Auxiliary batteries provide electrical components with seamless functionality. Modern cars consume a significant amount of electricity. Therefore, these cars with a combustion engine often come with two batteries: a regular 12 volt starter battery and an auxiliary battery. Thus, when it comes to replacing a weak or defective auxiliary battery, it is vital to rely on a high performing substitution. Furthermore, it is important to always replace an AGM auxiliary battery with another AGM auxiliary battery to avoid the risk of malfunctions and car breakdown.

Silver Dynamic Auxiliary Key Benefits

  • For backup applications
  • EN compliant degassing hole
  • Flame arrestor
  • Maintenance free

Made for a dual battery system.

  • Increase the length of the start-stop moment
  • Support comfort functions during engine start
  • Support the electrical system (brake-by-wire)
  • Protect the electrical system
  • Serve as emergency support

Silver Dynamic Auxiliary AGM 513 106 020 Specs

513 106 020
13 Ah
200 A
87 mm
150 mm
146 mm
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