8 out of 10 new start-stop cars in Europe use VARTA®

You’ll find a VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM fitted in 80% of newly manufactured AGM start-stop cars in Europe, underlining VARTA®’s leadership as the trusted supplier for the vast majority of car manufacturers.

VARTA® batteries stand for superior quality. There are two things car manufacturers look into before deciding which 3rd-party component they build into their cars. The first is performance, and the second is a next-to-zero fail rate.

It’s these two factors where the VARTA® Silver Dynamic AGM outperforms.

  • 3x the cycle life compared to conventional batteries
  • For vehicles with the highest energy demands due to tougher driving schedules, cold winters, hot summers or multiple accessories & equipment
  • Engineered to the highest European standards.




Battery Care Advice from VARTA®

Here are some VARTA® battery care advice to help if your vehicle has not been used for an extended period. It is recommended to have your battery tested at a professional automotive workshop.

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