VARTA Classic 077 015 036

Love and power – Down to the smallest detail: VARTA® CLASSIC for classic cars and oldtimers. You invest a great deal of time, love and enthusiasm in your passion? You appreciate every detail and implement it properly? You love the charm and character of your classic car? Then VARTA Classic is the right choice for you. The exclusive, hand-made original battery combines modern technology with traditional construction methods.

VARTA Classic Key Benefits

  • Hand made
  • Original appearance
  • Modern technology
  • Long life
  • Modern safety standards
  • Precisely matched types

Why VARTA® Classic?

The cover, which is bonded to the black ebonite housing with hand-poured bitumen, is just as traditional as the hand-soldered top-mounted cell connectors. Naturally, the VARTA Classic meets all of the safety and sustainability requirements for modern batteries. You can enjoy a visual and technical highlight in your classic car and rely on the brand which was the first choice of many automakers even when your classic car was built.

VARTA Classic 077 015 036 Specs

077 015 036
77 Ah
360 A
170 mm
215 mm
190 mm

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