Blue Dynamic EFB 570 500 065

Choose a VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB to get a superior and extraordinary battery for high-performance applications. Thanks to its EFB enhanced technology, which is suited for start-stop vehicles that start the engine multiple times in a single journey, VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB batteries have twice the level of endurance of conventional batteries. Choose VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB for vehicles with higher than normal energy demands whether that means a tougher drive schedule, multiple accessories and equipment installed, or start-stop-enabled cars without regenerative braking technology.

Blue Dynamic EFB Key Benefits

  • Extended cycle life compared with a conventional battery
  • Designed for vehicles with conventional start-stop functionality
  • EFB technology with consistently high performance for highly equipped cars
  • Clean manufacturing – with 20% less energy and 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Closed recycling loop with ecosteps® – preserving resources while protecting the environment
  • PowerFrame® grid technology for high starting power and reliable performance

Why VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB batteries?

Powered by Johnson Controls Power Solutions, VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB batteries are trusted by customers globally. VARTA® Blue Dynamic EFB batteries provide longer life, less corrosion and lower cost of ownership. Take your vehicle to a workshop which works with VARTA® in order to experience excellent replacement service.

Blue Dynamic EFB 570 500 065 Specs

570 500 065
70 Ah
650 A
175 mm
278 mm
190 mm
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