Colored VARTA® posters  from the seventies

VARTA® brand history (1960-1979)

Today’s VARTA® batteries have been providing advanced technology, powerful performance and exceptional service around the world for over 100 years.

1960: Helping the sixties go with a swing

It’s a big change from 6V to 12V batteries in cars as VARTA® quickly responds to the growing power requirements of vehicles launched in the sixties.

1962: Now extra reliability is built in

VARTA® replaces key component wooden separators with plastic separators to create a more robust product.

1965: Series production for dry-charged starter batteries

VARTA® starts the production for dry-charged starter batteries in Germany.

1966: Lighter batteries make transportation easier

The hard rubber crates of starter batteries are replaced by simple plastic boxes. As a result, they’re easier to move from place to place.

1970: Battery leaks are consigned to history

The first-ever leakproof car battery the VARTA® Super Dry, is introduced, further increasing the brand’s reputation for reliability.

1977: Our toughest battery yet

The first vibration-resistant and cycle-proof starter batteries are developed to cope with the considerable demands now being placed on construction vehicles.

1978: A new way to lower overall battery costs

The first-ever maintenance-free starter batteries with selenium technology are introduced, resulting in low self-discharge, low water consumption and lower costs all around.

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