Professional Deep Cycle

Professional Deep Cycle

A deep cycle battery is designed to regularly deeply discharge its capacity before recharging. In contrast, starting batteries are designed to deliver the short burst of power required to start an engine. The plates in VARTA® Professional Deep Cycle batteries have a higher-density active material than standard automotive battery plates, enabling them to withstand the stresses of deep cycling without the loss of active material or capacity.

Professional Deep Cycle Key Benefits

  • 40-50% more cycles than the competition (GC2 > 700 cycles @ 80% DOD)
  • GC-2 (6V) and GC-8 (8V) models offer more time between charges and better durability
  • Range ranks among the highest in reserve capacity, recharge acceptance and overall battery life
  • The caps open all vent ports with one twist for easy maintenance

Professional Deep Cycle Applications

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