VARTA® Motorcycle Batteries

Two people riding a motorcycle on a country road

Whether you're riding a classic bike through the countryside or powering the latest model around a racetrack, VARTA® motorcycle batteries deliver uninterrupted fun and thrills.

VARTA® Powersports AGM batteries are maintenance-free and don’t need any topping up. They’re dry-charged batteries with an acid pack.

Powersports AGM Batteries

Our Powersports AGM batteries are designed with extreme conditions in mind. With advanced AGM technology, this sophisticated product provides maximum power over a long life and is completely maintenance-free. Learn more about Powersports AGM batteries

VARTA® Powersports Gel batteries are absolutely maintenance-free and are supplied fully charged so that they’re immediately ready to go.

Powersports Gel Batteries

Seasonal use and sporadic recharging both place specific demands on your motorcycle's battery. That's why touring bikes require Powersports gel technology for maximum performance from the start. Learn more about Powersports Gel batteries

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