The VARTA® Battery Offering

Designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of a global audience, we have created a range of VARTA-branded batteries capable of powering a huge variety of vehicles.  If you are a first-time car owner, looking for a reliable choice for your family vehicle, or you drive a highly equipped car with higher energy demands, there’s lasting technology to fit your lifestyle. If you’re looking for reliable performance for your vehicle with Start-Stop functionality, there is a battery that was designed to meet your power needs. Each VARTA battery has been specifically tailored to meet the unique demands of different vehicles. That means VARTA batteries power much more than just your car on the road. From trucks and buses, to personal watercraft and golf carts, to caravans and boats: if it needs power, you’ll find VARTA batteries at the heart of it. 


The Dynamic Trio. More powerful than ever.

Whether you’re driving your very first car, a family vehicle, a car with Start-Stop functionality, or a highly equipped vehicle with higher energy demands, we will guide you to the right VARTA battery for you and your vehicle. When you have one of our Silver, Blue or Black Dynamic Trio batteries, you can drive confidently, knowing your vehicle runs with superior battery performance.

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Leading the future of automotive batteries.

VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM and Blue Dynamic EFB batteries are the top choice for powering vehicles with Start-Stop functionality and their demanding electrical needs. You can rely on our AGM and EFB batteries for advanced or entry-level Start-Stop technology. For the ability to power anything that comes your way, Silver Dynamic AGM and Blue Dynamic EFB batteries offer unmatched reliability and performance.

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High performance, low total cost of ownership

The VARTA Promotive range is designed to meet the exceptional energy demands of HCVs, trucks, coaches, buses, fire engines... And because these batteries are built to last longer without maintenance, they’ll keep saving you money.

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The right source of power for every use

Whether it’s a motorcycle or jet-ski, snowmobile or scooter, quad-bike or ATV, or even a ride-on lawnmower, you’re certain to find a VARTA Powersport product to power it. For a purpose built, highly efficient and long lasting battery, look no further.

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Power you can depend on, wherever you travel

Caravans, motorhomes, boats; they all come with travel essentials, home comforts and high technology that needs powering. And there is a VARTA battery to suit every application. Exceptional reliability delivers another important product benefit too: peace of mind.

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