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We’re the leader in next-generation automotive systems

VARTA batteries are the top choice for powering Start-Stop vehicles. Leading car manufacturers rely on our AGM technology to power both entry-level and advanced Start-Stop systems. And only the VARTA brand gives you the VSSP program to help make the most of this still expanding market.

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One dynamic Trio. Unlimited automotive applications

From a classic model to the latest coupé, there’s a VARTA dynamic battery to power it. Our strength lies in developing strong working relationships with car makers. They trust our skills in innovation to develop the best batteries for the world’s most advanced new vehicles.

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High on cost effectiveness, low on maintenance

Whether you run trucks, vans, coaches, fire engines, bulldozers or farm vehicles, our wide selection of specialist products means there’s the perfect solution for every business. VARTA Promotive batteries will keep your fleet moving while lowering your total cost of ownership.

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The latest batteries for the most advanced motorcycles

Johnson Controls offers the comprehensive VARTA Powersports range - 65 products and counting. So whether you own a motorcycle or jet-ski, snowmobile or scooter, quad-bike or ATV, or even a ride-on lawnmower, you’ll always find a VARTA Powersports product to power it.

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Now there are no limits to exploration

Knock proof, shock proof, spill-proof and worry proof… several reasons why you can count on our batteries for caravans, motorhomes, golf carts and caddies, and all kinds of boats. And here are two more: they’re built for total reliability and huge power reserves, even when you’re travelling far from home.

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The most reliable power source in the business

The VARTA Professional line-up delivers unbeatable reliability thanks to our state-of-the-art engineering. Whether you need to operate heavy lifting equipment, use a cleaning machine, power a utility vehicle or run a generator, there’s a VARTA battery that’ll get the job done.

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The new VSSP 2.1

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